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Key Jazz Foundation Events

Tshwane International Big Band Festival

A concept that envisages the merging of several small local band sets (with various instruments) into a bigger unit that includes international & national sets (headliner/s) giving the local talent an opportunity the experience of performing as part of a big band environment and the honour of sharing the stage with some of the world’s renown musicians. Central to this concept is the collaborative element that enables local artists to share the stage with their international counterparts performing local and international music together.

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More about The Festival

Melodi International Jazz Festival

The festival is styled on joint performances featuring traditional jazz artist in collaboration with artists from other music genres wherein the latter group infuse their trademark sounds to jazz tunes in a true fusion of diverse musical genres.

Jazz Meets Symphony Concerts

This is a concert of All Star big band with symphony orchestra of some 50 to 60 members in a series of provincial shows that showcase artists from across the country to express our rich heritage.

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More about The Festival

Mogale Arts Festival

Is an astute arts festival showcase on a developmental slant with various elements, such as, the Business Art Exhibition; Carnival; Poetry & Spoken Word; Comedy; etc. It’s the music festival that enjoys a potpourri of various music genres, such as, Kwaito; Afro-POP; Hip-Hop; Maskandi; and Contemporary Jazz on stage. The festival is staged over a number of days.