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The Jazz Foundation of South Africa is an organization dedicated to the creation, presentation and preservation of local Jazz and other related creative music. Individuals who realised the glaring need for an appreciation of Jazz formed the Jazz Foundation in April 1983. The rationale behind the organisation’s existence is the glaring evidence of commercial as well as parastatal structures prejudices against Jazz.

The recording industry did not see or make it easy for jazz as a type or stream of music as well. The motivating belief behind the Foundation is that Jazz should not be allowed to operate from the fringes, it is too meaningful to be marginalised. The Foundation’s existence was necessitated by the general apathy and lack of concern and support for such music. The word jazz elicits all sorts of responses ranging from absolute appreciation to disgusting rile, nevertheless, you cannot ignore it.

The Foundation is mindful that through the years, television, radio and to some extent the recording companies have shown a continued and systematic negative bias towards jazz and other creative genres. This tends to reinforce the amount of denial facing this type of music, leaving our artists with no option but to find self-wasting comfort in the kind of music that affords them the fortune and fame to the debasement of their creative aptitudes, which are left to idle. To fulfil our mission, the Foundation will engage itself in the following areas:

  • The jazz performing sphere
  • Research, Resource and Publishing Centre
  • Heritage preservation
  • Provide support for innovations in jazz
  • Promote the development of new audiences and consumer markets for Jazz and increase
    employment opportunities in the industry

Establish a music academy to teach children the rudiments of such music and general instruments playing.

The Foundation is also an event management and promotions organization specializing in the music and related industry. With a unique combination of skills amounting to more than 23 years experience, the organisation offers innovative packages to fully fit the specifications and bugdet guidelines of an event, irrespective of its scale, nature, theme or purpose.

We are committed to facilitating the development and enhancement of public awareness on the importance of Jazz as an African art form by providing a supportive structure to our musicians. We are committed to the provision of a high standard presentation of jazz as an art form.

In pursuit of our Vision and Mission we shall;

1. Gather and disseminate information with the aim of enhancing the status and support of jazz, encompassing Afro-Jazz, and other genres.
2. Conduct research and share information with relevant bodies.
3. Organise regular music events per calendar year.
4. To document and film live performances for posterity ( e.g. publication).
5. To honour and acknowledge the fallen and the living musicians by creating jazz awards and build shrines.


Both as an organisation and as individuals we strive to perform our duties to the highest possible commitment and standards.


We strive to be helpful, flexible and to make a positive contribution, collaborating with other relevant bodies.

Our belief

We shall embark on a broader program to meet and satisfy our founding obligations for the betterment of our local music scene. The motivating belief behind the Foundation is that jazz should not be allowed to operate from the fringes, it is too meaningful to be marginalised.